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Brexit – An Undiscussed Consequence

Brexit - An Undiscussed Consequence
Brexit – An Undiscussed Consequence

Brexit – An Undiscussed Consequence

The main consequences, good and bad, of Brexit – the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union – are being discussed every day in the news, but there is one that I have not heard talked about anywhere except on specialist news groups.

It involves British citizens who have spouses from outside the European Union.

Brexit could devastate the lives of people in this situation, which I and my wife are. She is Thai, and we have been married for ten years with all the papers to prove it.

However, that is not the hurdle.

Under European Law, she is allowed to live with me in Europe, or the European Union, which at the moment still includes the UK. However, after Brexit, European Law will not apply in the UK, British Law will, and under British law, a Brit has to have an income of £25,000 or £65,000 in the bank, before he or she can bring a foreign spouse into the UK to live.

You will notice the MASSIVE difference…

European Law is humane, British Law is mercenary!

At least in this matter.

I cannot imagine being separated from my wife… in fourteen years, we have never spent more than one night apart.

So, we have to interrupt our lives and concentrate on Brexit, so that we don’t fail foul of the indecision of all the powers that are deciding whether I and my wife may remain together on British soil or not.

It is a very sad time for us, and the friends and family that we will leave behind in other countries.

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Podcast: Brexit – An Undiscussed Consequence

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