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Final Preparations for the UK

Final Preparations for the UK

Final Preparations for the UK
Final Preparations for the UK

Final Preparations for the UK

We have started to make our Final Preparations for the UK, since we will be flying on June 13th. which is now twenty-five days away. I can’t say that I am looking forward to moving yet again. Moving our home from Thailand to Spain last year with forty-four kilos of our most important belongings was traumatic enough, but then we had to change our residence five times. We have been happy in our current apartment and now we have to move abroad again.

Not only that but we have nowhere to go – nowhere definite, nowhere of our own, anyway.

Not only that, but all the problems associated with getting a visa for an Asian will start again too and in the worst country in Europe to have those troubles in too.

Britain seems proud of treating foreigners like criminals at the moment.

The worst thing is that nothing is guaranteed – it could go either way, but one gets the distinct feeling that people seeking residency are not welcome. It is a horrible feeling, especially since the Asian in question is my wife of fourteen years.

European versus UK Law

At present, European Law over-rules British Law, so I have the right, under certain circumstances, to take my wife back to the UK with me. However, under British Law, I do not unless I can ‘afford’ her. Under British Law, only money counts, but then that is not so surprising, since British society is arranged to suit the wealthy. No matter what criticisms Brexiteers may throw at Europe, at least love and family still mean something on the Continent. In Britain judgement has been reduced to the size of the bank balance in question.

It is sad, very sad.

Still, we have to go back, and before the government pulls up the drawbridge. Hence the need for us to begin our Final Preparations for the UK.

Still, I’m not looking forward to the journey ‘ome…

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