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Chalita and Angoon

Our New Blog Theme

We decided to buy a new blog theme since the previous one was seven years old and the designers had stopped keeping it up to date several years ago, so as WordPress developed, certain key features had ceased to work.

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A Night in Annwn - a book or story?

When a Book Costs Less Than a Drink…

When a Book Costs Less Than a Drink… I will admit it straight from the off! I am a writer with an axe to grind and I cannot understand people who complain that books are too expensive. Most books, in the form of ebooks, cost less than the price of a drink! My ebooks cost

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Liverpool vs Real Madrid

Pirated eBooks – Writers

Pirated eBooks – Writers There seems to be two schools of though amongst writers concerning pirated ebooks: those who think it’s a good thing or irrelevant and those who would have pirates walk the plank. I am in the latter group after discovering that one site was claiming to have given away 1,755 copies of

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Megan The Misconception

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime I am going to do something I’ve never done before: recommend a product. You’ve all heard of Amazon, I mean, who hasn’t, but they have a newish experience called Amazon Prime, which I have the logo of before, because I use Amazon a lot, but I never checked it out until today. Don’t

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