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Cock Fighting

Cock Fighting Yesterday evening, while I was enjoying my usual pint in the corner shop that I euphemistically call ‘The Pub’ and which readers of Behind The Smile will know as Nong’s, a youth carried two chickens onto the plot of land opposite, put one down, but held the other firmly around the body. Then …

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Megan's Nature Garden


Nature Although our dog, Angun, (‘Grape’ in English), hates to share her garden with any other animals, even butterflies and beetles, lots of them come in anyway. Just to taunt her, I think, but she does catch and kill a few. She is what my wife calls a ‘Chinese Fighting Dog’ and there a several …

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Editing Tips For Indie Writers

Word Botchers

Word Botchers When I lived in the UK, I didn’t really notice the birds in my garden, although I have always considered myself a bird watcher, or word botcher, as the late Humphrey Littleton once said on a show. Word botcher for ornithologist, I nearly fell off my chair, because words and languages really are …

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