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Do you have a pension fund and do you think that you can rely on it to provide for all your retirement needs? Do you even trust your company or the government not to dip into it before you can? If most of us are honest, we don’t have a lot of faith in our pension fund, do we?


So, I am going to propose a way to regain the reins of your future finances and it will only cost you $20 per annum and most probably nothing after the first year.

It sounds too good to be true, eh? Well, just stick with me a while longer and I will reveal all completely free of charge!

This system works best the earlier you start it, but assuming you don’t expect to be dead within ten years, it is well worth giving it a go.

Websites and blogs can make a lot of money, however most don’t and so most people give up on them. It is quite hit and miss when choosing a subject for your attention, so you need to have a lot of them, like seedlings and regularly thin them out.

Let’s say that you made one every three months for year or two. That may sound like a lot of work, but there are many free blog sites where setting up your own blog is simply a question of filling in a questionnaire and choosing a colour scheme.

The rub is that you need content for that site. But what if you could buy that for a reasonable price? Most starter websites and blogs only have five pages.

You could buy an ebook of niche articles targeted on your topic and drip feed them into your blog. It would take a morning to create your first blog or website and add five articles from your ebook of PLR articles.

(PLR articles are those which you buy and have a license to use in your own publication).

So, my suggestion is to:

1) Think of a subject you are interested in

2) Choose a name for your site and find a free host (WordPress, Blogger, Weebly)

3) Find a source of relevant PLR articles

4) Create your blog

5) Apply to Adsense and others for accounts to sell relevant items and earn money

Let’s say that you earn $100 in that first quarter. Your outlay will have been $10 for the blog name and $10 for the PLR, so you will have made 400% profit in three months or a whopping 1,600% p.a.!

Take $20 of this and do it again, and the rest you can put into a traditional pension fund, if you like.

So, after a year, you are earning $400 p.a which is not bad for four mornings work, is it?

If you started doing this when you were 30 years old, you would have 30x4x400 or $48,000 p.a by the time you were sixty and thirty years’ of profits in a pension fund!

Could you live on that?

Not all of your bright ideas for blogs will work, naturally, but you give them a year and ditch them if they are not paying their way. On the other hand, some will produce stellar returns, and all you have to do is tend them like a loving gardener.

For more suggested uses of PLR, see the panel at the top of the page and for a list of our 120+ books of 15+ 500-word niche targeted PLR articles click here.

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All the best,


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