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‘Barry’ is a tag used on our blog Megan Publishing Services to identify posts relating to Barry, South Wales

Barry Wales UK

Barry-Wales is where I was born and grew up. It will always hold a special place in my heart, although these days I feel sad thinking about it

Holton Road, Barry

Street Problems in Barry

We had only been back in Barry, my home town for six months, but it didn’t take that long to realise that there were street problems that were unusual. At least, I wasn’t used to them, but then of the previous fifteen years,

The First Jukebox in Barry

When I was a young man, in the Seventies, I used to sing in pubs on a Thursday or Friday night and I remember the first jukebox in Barry well…


Saga of My Bus Pass part one

In Wales, everybody receives a free bus pass at the age of sixty. However, I didn’t apply for mine until I was sixty-four, and it wasn’t as easy as I’d imagined


O’Brien’s – The Community Pub in the Centre of Barry

O’Brien’s – The Community Pub in the Centre of Barry – has a terrible reputation among people who don’t use it, but is it unjustified? People who don’t use O’Brien’s seem to have a dreadful fear of the place!

Arrival in the UK

Arrival in the UK was far simpler than we had anticipated. Immigration was confused by our documentation but could not fault it. However, things did not work out as we had expected…

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