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Niche PLR Content by Owen Jones

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Niche PLR Content

Niche PLR Content by Welsh Author Owen Jones is high-quality, fresh and original. A lot of it is totally fresh (new), especially the non-English PLR books. You see, much of Owen Jones ‘ PLR has been translated and narrated into a dozen or more languages. This greatly facilitates using PLR articles in international promo campaigns.

PLR Ebooks

There are about 125 niche PLR ebooks of 12-20 500-word niche articles per book. Furthermore, many of them now exist in various formats in several languages. The books were all written by the Welsh novelist Owen Jones. This is quite something and should not be underestimated. He has written more than fifty novels, which have also been translated and narrated. He has more than 1,200 publications registered to his name in the British Library.

That is no mean feat, and you are getting PLR ebooks from the same source at a cost of less than one cent per fifty words!

Surely, that’s akin to giving this extraordinary niche PLR content away!

Private Label Ebooks of Articles

These private label ebooks of articles cover a wide range of popular topics. There are ebooks on general subjects such as pets, cars, holidays, children, old age, and clothing, as well as more serious topics like headaches and migraines, cancer, backache, anger management, acne, vegetarianism and dieting to reduce cholesterol.

The ebooks have merit as they are, and most readers buy them for their informational content alone. However, content providers such as bloggers can also use them to supplement their publications during periods when time is short. I’m thinking of during holidays and times of illness… or just to take the pressure off.


All bloggers know that as soon as you stop posting content, your Google page rank starts to slip. Years of hard work can disappear because of a few weeks of inactivity. I know, it happened to me in 2022.

Every blogger should have an emergency batch of relevant articles that they can schedule for posting if an emergency arises.

This is where our niche PLR content in easy-to-manage targetted PLR ebooks comes in.

If you think you might want to buy PLR ebook content, take a moment to check the selection by following this link:

Niche PLR Content Ebooks

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