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Pattaya Red Light District Girls

Pattaya Red Light District Girls in Daddy's Hobby
Pattaya Red Light District Girls

Red Light Girls

Pattaya Red Light District girls are not in only one area or district as they are in many cities. That is to say that there is no one specific district for Red Light girls or boys, for that matter. Although, there is a ‘gay soi’ in Pattaya called Soi Cowboy (soi means lane). However, there are ladyboys among the hostesses in many bars, if not most.

Rather, Pattaya is organised, or even disorganised, around the theme of pleasure, and much of that has a sexual nature. I doubt that many of the Pattaya girls in the so-called ‘girly bars’ consider that they are actually working in the Thai sex tourism industry. Most would say that they are merely looking for a (rich – read foreign) husband.

Red Light Girls.

And you know what? I actually believe them. However, while waiting for Mr. Right to come along, Pattaya girls have to earn enough money to live. After all, they do not enjoy the privilege of social security in Thailand. Anyway, no one would expect a Western girl not to play the field in her search for a partner, so why do we get so indignant about young people from other continents?

It is hypocritical.

Pattaya Red Light District.

So, although you could say that the Pattaya Red Light District girls work or are mostly on or around the sea front, they are in almost every place that sells alcohol over a bar. However, even in places where they don’t have in-house hostesses, there are usually Pattaya girls and boys willing to show you the city, or go for a meal with you. This includes waitresses and the staff at hotels, restaurants and shops.

Much the same as in the West.

The main difference is that in Asia, the young are not quite as ageist as their Western counterparts.

Behind The Smile.

If you would like to read a book or series that features Pattaya Red Light district girls, the series Behind The Smile by Welsh author Owen Jones is excellent. Many expats living in Pattaya agree. The title of the first volume is Daddy’s Hobby, which is the name of the bar where Lek, a Pattaya bar girl, works. I’ll tell you no more ?

Read the first chapter of Daddy’s Hobby here on this blog at Megan Publishing Services:

Behind The Smile Series
Behind The Smile Series
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