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Owen Jones Author

The Welshman from Barry, South Wales

Owen Jones Author is the Welshman from Barry, South Wales, whose books dominate this blog. I want to say that right from the start, because there is another Owen Jones, who I think is from Liverpool, who is younger and better known. I know that people find it confusing, and what makes it worse is that they are both writers.

Owen Ceri Jones

However, there is a vast difference in style between the two men. Our Owen Jones is a novelist, a storyteller, whereas the other one is a ‘politico’ journalist, and writes about politics and society. You could call ours Owen Jones Author, and the other one Owen Jones Politico, I suppose.

Owen Jones Author

There are other big differences too. Owen Jones Author is my Dad, and he’s about thirty years older than Owen Jones Politico. Just to muddy the water again though, Owen Jones Author has been interested in politics for fifty years, and has written at least one political novel, but set in the USSR of the Seventies, and one on social problems, but set in Thailand. Enough of all that though. From now on, ad infinitum, if you see the name Owen Jones on this blog, it refers to my Dad, Owen Jones Author. By the way, he sometimes now regrets not having included Ceri (hard C, as in K), his middle name, in his writer’s name. If he had signed his hundreds of books ‘Owen Ceri Jones’, we would not be faced with this identity ‘crisis’ now.


Anyway, in order to make the distinction even clearer, my father Owen Jones is both original and imaginative. He has written serious books, but in general his style is more mythical, imaginative and Otherworldly. It is enchanting… it is… Oh, so Celtic!


Take The Psychic Megan Series for example. It is about the psychic development of a young teenage girl from Feyton, which bears an uncanny resemblance to Barry. The subtitle says a lot: A Spirit Guide, A Ghost Tiger, and One Scary Mother! These three characters are Megan’s almost constant companions, although her father, family and friends also play important roles. This story is profound, enchanting, Otherworldly, and,… Oh, so Celtic!

Yet it finds resonance with people all over the world. In fact, it has already been translated into forty languages. Faith in life after death and reincarnation is a more popular, more common belief than the church would have you think in the UK.

A Bygone Age

A Night in Annwn is in the same ilk. However, tells of a man who spent a night in Heaven during a Near Death Experience. ‘Annwn’ (Ah-noon) is the pre-Christian Welsh word for Heaven. It reminds one of a bygone age. It is imaginative, mythical, enchanting, Otherworldly, and, also Oh so Celtic!

Books by Owen Jones Author have worldwide appeal. Many of them are like modern fairy tales, so, if this style appeals to you, why not have a free look at the first chapters of some of his books. The link is below, or in the title bar of every page on this blog, Megan Publishing Services.

First Chapters

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