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English Books Translated into Russian

English Books Translated into Russian - an example
English Books Translated into Russian

Owen Jones – Welsh Author

As the webmaster of the Megan Publishing Services blog, I have noticed a recent up-swing in interest for English Books Translated into Russian on our blog. This makes sense because we have a collection of six English books translated into Russian for sale at the moment.

Books Translated into Russian

Owen Jones’ books have always been popular. That’s why people have translated them into forty languages. However, this sudden surge in interest is different. The interest in Owen Jones ‘ English books translated into Russian Is being driven by young Russian-speaking women between the ages of eighteen and thirty-four years of age. As a Thai woman, who also falls into that age group, I welcome you to our blog with all my heart.

If you are one of our new readers, I would love to hear from you 🙂

English Books Translated into Russian

We currently have six English books translated into Russian, but since the author studied Russian in his youth, he has a special interest in having all fifty of his novels translated into Russian. A Russian translator is working on a seventh novel on as I write. Anyway, I will give you a brief summary of the six novels we have, and encourage you to follow the link below to read more on the page of translations in Russian.

The Disallowed – «Запрещенные»

An old Thai goatherd finds that he is feeling very weak, so he goes to the local shaman. She tells him that he has no blood, and so begins the humorous story of the founding of the first Vampire Republic. It’s a kind of funny vampire story.

The Psychic Megan Series – «Сериал про экстрасенса Меган»

This series is about the psychic development of a young teenage girl with the name of Megan. She has psychic powers, but doesn’t know how to use them. Megan is encouraged and instructed by her Spirit Guide, Wacinhinsha, and a huge ghost Siberian Tiger called Grrr. Her parents, on the other hand, are of no use in this matter at all.

Behind The Smile – «Что скрывает улыбка?»

This is the story of Lek, a bar Girl in Pattaya. She has had to work in a bar called Daddy’s Hobby, in the sex tourism industry for ten years to pay off family debts, but now she is free. She is in turmoil. Can she ever fit back into normal society again? How will her conservative fellow villagers treat her knowing what she has been and done? Not only that, but could she ever live with those narrow-minded people again?

Andropov’s Cuckoo – «Андропова Кукушка»

Natasha, a naïve, young, patriotic, avid socialist, hatches a plan to help her country, and the working-class of the world. Her mother, a high Party official, passes the idea up the hierarchy until Yuri Andropov himself hears of it. The Politburo sanctions the ruse. However, Natasha, falls in love for the very first time, and everything starts to go horribly wrong for her.

Tiger Lily of Bangkok- «Тигровая Лилия из Бангкока»

Lily is abused as a child, but seems to be able to handle it. However, things change when she moves to Bangkok to study, and eventually Lily The Avenger emerges. Bangkok is frightened, The Avenger is debated in Parliament and on TV, but only men are being killed.

The hunt is on.

Dead Centre – «Мёртвый центр»

A gang of renegade ex-SAS Special Forces sets up a business to help their less well-off colleagues. However, it fall foul of the law. They find themselves hunted by the police forces of seven countries, a group of Chinese government computer experts, and even their old colleagues in the SAS. Time is running out for them to get to safety, but who would have them?

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Well, that’s it for now. If there is anything that I or Owen Jones can do, please, contact us using the box below.

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