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Kindle Screen Size

Kindle Screen Size
Kindle Screen Size

Kindle Screen Size

There is often a lot of criticism about the Kindle screen size. Some say it is too small and others say that it is too large. These opposing views actually stem from completely different concerns. Those who say that the kindle screen size is too small are referring to the ease of reading documents – its readability, whereas those who say it is too big say that the large screen makes the Kindle too fragile. If anything, I tend to agree with the second point of view about the Kindle screen size regarding the larger models.

Kindle Screen Size

The six inch Kindle screen size is big enough to read normal size paperbacks and novels, but it is not as well suited for large fonts, newspapers or magazines. The Kindle DX with its 9.7 inch format screen is suitable for displaying newspaper and textbook print on a high-contrast e ink screen.

Both Kindles and in fact all handheld book readers seem very fragile compared with a book made from real paper. You definitely would not want to toss your Kindle casually onto the table or let it fall off the bed as you fall asleep.

Wireless Handheld Book Readers

Children and wireless handheld book readers including the kindle are not an obvious choice of present for children. I will never give up buying books, but the Kindle has a place in my life too. For example, I read a lot; I like libraries and I like swapping books with friends; buying and borrowing books is important to me. I like seeing them on shelves and I like holding them. However, not even a high technology gadget like a Kindle 3G can replace that.

However, I travel a lot and I need to take a dozen books on a long journey. That is quite a bit of weight and I still run out of books on vacation. It is rarely easy to get good books in the areas where I go, but the kindle is perfect under these circumstances. I can download 20-30 books, some free, some paid for, before I go and not have to worry about reading material again.

As long as I remember the charger, that is. Battery life is pretty good for average use, but not for long term usage of the reading device. Also a good carrying case is essential to protect it from the inevitable bangs and scratches. A tough, waterproof neoprene case would be the best. Maybe Body Glove make one or soon will.

Indifferent to Kindle Screen Size

At the moment the Kindle screen size is of no concern to me it has the clearest text and sharpest images, but I think that it probably makes more sense to buy the larger Kindle DX than the smaller normal version. It is marketed as more suitable for larger publications.

Maybe I would start reading the newspapers again, if I had a larger Kindle screen size to display the pages more accurately. The larger kindle screen size display would be better when the eyesight starts deteriorating too.

Kindle Apps

It is easy to forget, that you can read Kindle products on other electronic book devices too though. For example, you can download one of the free Amazon Kindle apps at the foot of this page. Then you can  start reading ebooks that have come out of copyright free of charge. This can be done on your desktop computer, laptop, palm top, tablet, your mobile phone and even your TV.

The kindle screen size is not really a serious problem for readability, but it does make it look fragile. Maybe more fragile than it really is.

by +Owen Jones

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