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Modules at Megan Publishing Services

Modules Megan Publishing Services
Owen Jones

Advertising Modules at
Megan Publishing Services

There are many aspects to publishing a book or an ebook – and the requirements for the two types are also quite different for you cannot just publish your book as an ebook or vice versa. The modules below are intended to help you prepare and publish your book or and ebook.

Anyway, here the services that Megan Publishing Services can offer and guideline prices for that work.

Promotional Package Modules

1]         a 125×125 cover, or head, shot on all pages on the site, including the home page, for one month, which is currently 90,000 times a month. The cover shot, like those six to the right now, will have a link to wherever the buyer wants it to go: $25

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2]         a promotional package including the above, but with an ad in our bookshop with room for a description and cover shot for one month: $27.50

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3]         a promotional package including the above, but with three different promotions a day for a week to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious, Tumblr, Pinterest, Stumbleupon and many others: $30

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4]         a promotional package including the above, but with a guest post written by yourself on any subject with two backlinks and a photo, which will remain on the site permanently: $49.99

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5]         I will read your book and provide a review, which I will publish here, at Amazon US and UK, and Goodreads. I will also produce 5 custom Tweets based on the content of your book and my reactions to it and Tweet them to my followers three times a day for one month: $19.99 – Bonus: not 5 Tweets but TEN!

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As of November 2017, this website receives over 125,000 page-views a month; my three Twitter accounts have over 115,000 followers and I have about 2,500 Facebook followers too plus Google and LinkedIn etc, etc.

All work carried out, including submissions to social media sites will be verified.

For the following services, please contact me:

Editorial Work Modules

Starting price for proof reading is $3 per 1,000 words for copy in English

Formatting Modules

Word document made ready for, and submitted to, Smashwords, Lulu, Xin Xii, Kindle or Amazon from $30 each

Provision of a front book cover at the correct resolution and with the correct dimensions $25

Web Site or Blog Creation Modules

I will create a web site for you that you can easily adapt to your precise needs. I will send it to you in DreamWeaver/MS Web format for you to upload to your own host for $95

I can also host and maintain it for you too for a reasonable extra charge. If you prefer a blog, I can create one of those too, but then it will have to be hosted on my account. Hosting  costs $89

I have 15 years experience with Internet promotion, so if you have any particular requirement not listed here, just ask and we can work something out.

Plase contact me to discuss the above three options of Editing, Formatting and Blog/Website Creation on owen at

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