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Advertising Index

Advertising Index

The advert index is a list of the types of advertisements we are currently offering on this blog. I have tried to group like adverts with like, but there is inevitably some cross-over.

1 Set and Forget Promo Package  – * Our Star Deal!*

This is the ultimate promo page including a book review, a sales page in or bookshop, book cover advertising throughout the site, six Tweets a day for one whole year and a great social media package!

NOW ENHANCED – podcast boosts added to all the top players including YouTube, Spotify, Apple and iTunes!

Click here to find out more about the ultimate Set and Forget Promo Package

Banner Advertising

You provide me with an image in one of the SIX sizes for which I have pre-made slots on this site and pay monthly

Click here to find out more about Banner Advertising

Modular Advertising on Our Site for Books and Products

These are groups of advertising methods rolled into one to make them even more effective

Click here to find out more about Modular Advertising

Advertising on My Twitter Accounts Using Twitter Plans

I will set up a schedule of Tweets to my 40k followers

Click here to find out more about our Tweet Plans

Virtual Assistants

I and my team will take over any part of your workload that you dont have time to do yourself

Click here to find out more about Virtual Assistants

Free Books Listing

If you want to list a free book on this blog, I will set it up. Just send me the title, cover and link or contents

Send to owen at the name of this blog, which is in the title bar (meganthem…)

Click here to visit the page of Free Books

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