Twitter Plans for Selling Books

1 I will send one of your Tweets once a day for a month to my Twitter accounts for $4.99

2 I will send three of your Tweets once a day each for a month to my Twitter accounts for $9.99 ***

3 I will send six  of your Tweets once a day each for a month to my Twitter accounts for $15.99

Pay for the above:

Twitter Plans

Twitter is the best social medium for advertising and actually selling your goods, despite the 140 word restriction. The trick is to write enticing Tweets and bring those who are interested back to a place, a web site or blog, where they can read more… and buy.

No Tweet actually sells anything, but it pricks the imaginaton of those who are looking for what you have to offer, and getting interested potentential customers back to your web site is more than half the battle. It is called pre-selling.

The Tweet pre-sells your book, if the Twet is any good, and the further information that the potential customer finds at the end of the Tweet will make up their mind. However, if you don’t get them to your site, you have no chance.

The theory I have espoused is well-known, and so is this, but true nonetheless, it takes about seven stimulations before someone is really in buying mode!

That means that people have to see your advert seven times before they actually know whether they are sure or not.

This necessitates a prolonged, sustained advertising campaign without gaps, but without ‘flooding’ too.

*** Three times a day on Twitter is not often, when you take into account that the WWW is global. Three Tweets spaced eight hours apart will only be seen by most people once a day, if that. Six a day spaced at four hours, increases the chances of more people seeing the ad, and more people seeing it too often (flooding).

Therefore, it is better to maintain a steady campaign over a month, which is what my plans are set up to do.

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