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The Eternal Plan – Revealed

The Eternal Plan - Revealed
The Eternal Plan – Revealed

The Eternal Plan – Revealed

My father was a Spiritualist Healer, as were his mother and his three sisters (although none of his eight brothers – at least not explicitly). Growing up with him, his philosophy, his family and my mother, who completely embraced their beliefs, although her parents were Catholic, just seemed normal, although it obviously wasn’t.

I have heard the children of gangsters, film stars and millionaires say exactly the same thing – you just don’t realise it at the time.

Anyway, my father gave me several hundred documents to sort out for him one day, asking me to ‘do something with them’.

I won’t repeat what I am about reveal below.

All I want to say more is that under the introduction to the book that resulted from my sorting out of those papers are a few examples of my father, Colin Jones’, also known as The Happy Medium’s automatic writings: one piece of prose, and a poem, after which I called the entire book – The Eternal Plan.

I hope you enjoy them 🙂


If all the atonement that you speak of between man and spirit were to occur, were to become reality were to arise in the conscious state of men of earth the desired effect would not be what you seek or aspire to.

This world is one of turmoil and fulfilment, stagnation and untold and exquisite development. This world is and must always be in a constant state of flux.

The purpose of this world of earth is designated for the individual’s growth of character. Opportunities are presented to each individual to go some way towards the fulfilment of ideological desires and ambitions.

The development of the individual’s characteristics is the criteria but it must be within the context of helping others and constantly adjusting one’s mutual outlook and approach within ones environment, whilst continuously applying oneself to the task of searching for and relating to that which is called God.

The adjustment from the desires of youth to the mental state of middle age and the search for truth is constant in nearly all men, great thought is given by responsible people to the seeming enigmas: what is God ? and where can I find him?

This search is very real and earnest, it triggers off to varying degrees in different people the dedication of energies towards spiritual fulfilment and the climb to ecstatic heights through the pathways of service and knowledge.

Were the state of atonement reached then the search would be cut and the character fulfilled in all things.

[A Spirit Guide answering one of Colin Jones’ questions].

The Eternal Plan

A sleeping hour, a moment’s peace
Eternity, forever’s face
Beyond the depth, of finite mind,
To comprehend power of cosmic kind.

A few bland words, to mask the fact
That learned men, however packed
With words sublime and knowledge pure
Are far from knowing the Cosmic score.

They see with eyes, the earthly trend,
The path of life they slowly wend
Unknown to them the Holy Breath
Throughout their days the fear of Death.

They cannot teach what isn’t known
Their pupils age, but have not grown
Yet hope eternal springs, for man
May yet accept the Eternal Plan.

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