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Tiger Lily of Bangkok in London Reader’s Review

An unusual and deep thriller
Tiger Lily at the Meat Rack

child abuserevenge on paedophilesrevenge for child abusedeep thrillerAn unusual and deep thriller

Format: Kindle Edition
In the previous novel in this series, ‘Tiger Lily of Bangkok’, Author Owen Jones created the character of Lily, a young Thai girl embarked on a mission to revenge her abuse as a child at the hands of adults. In ‘Tiger Lily of Bangkok in London’ his protagonist’s medical studies have taken her to the United Kingdom’s capital and it’s not long before Lily finds herself immersed in another crusade against the paedophile rings she encounters. In this case, and in an interesting twist to the tale, she joins forces with a group of young kids who have been similarly abused and helps them turn their lives around in the process.This is an interesting novel on several levels. First there is a solid, fast-paced thriller as we follow Lily’s progress in unmasking and delivering her fatal justice to those who prey on children. Then there is the tale of redemption that the author presents through the way Lily interacts with the street gang that she meets. It makes for an intriguing cocktail and elevates the novel to a category not often reached by tales of deadly revenge.An unusual and deep thriller. Recommended.
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