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The Moon Poster

The Moon Poster
The Moon Poster

The Moon Poster

by Debra Wattes

Review by Barry Boy

At the time I downloaded The Moon Poster, it was free on Amazon and at the end of the story, the reader was asked for an honest review.

The Moon Poster is a short story told in the first person by a devoted daughter. The narrative starts when the girl is eight years old. She recounts waiting for her father to come back from missions into outer space and sneaking into his home observatory when he is away to try to catch a glimpse of him or his spaceship.

Despite being a devoted daughter, when she goes away to university and later finds a demanding job, she finds less and less time to go home to visit her aging parents. Eventually, the inevitable happens and one of her parents dies.

During the remainder of the story, the narrator philosophises about the way she has treated her loving parents and vows not to let the same happen to her own young family.

The cover of The Moon Poster is appropriate to the story and the contents have been well edited.

The Moon Poster is the sad story of family life that is repeated millions of times a year around the world, because we tend to forget that our family will not be around for ever, and we allow our busy, self-obsessed lives to take over.

The Moon Poster holds a good lesson to all of us whose parents and elder siblings are still alive and and a comfort to those who have made the same mistake as the storyteller.

I liked The Moon Poster by Debra Wattes and give it full marks as a short story with an important message for all young people of every nation, but especially those that are Western-oriented, where families are more fragmented.


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