Health and Beauty

Health and Beauty

Health and Beauty

Health and Beauty

The primary purposes of these ebook manuals is to inform and entertain, but as an added bonus, I am giving you the right to use the articles in the books in this section only in your own publications.

This section contains the ebooks I have written on the subjects of health and beauty. They all consist of about 15-20 chapters of 500-to-600-word, niche articles on subjects relevant to the title of the book. Links are to Amazon, unless otherwise stated.


Acne Treatment   – Amazon   Tektime   Audiobook

Anger Management   – Amazon   Tektime   Audiobook 

Backache   – Amazon

Beautiful Teeth   – Amazon

Beauty Tips – Amazon

Blood Pressure – Amazon

Body Art – Amazon  Tektime: ebook   audiobook

Food to Lower Cholesterol – Amazon Tektime: ebook   audiobook

Common Cancers – Amazon 

Depression – Amazon

Diabetes – Amazon

Easy Life Tips – Amazon

Eyes and Eyesight – Amazon

Facial Beauty – Amazon

Gout Management Tektime

Hair Care – Amazon

Health – Amazon

Health Issues – Amazon

Illness and Disease – Amazon

Massage – Amazon

Skin Care   – Amazon   Tektime:   Audiobook

Smoking – Amazon

Stress – Amazon

Warts – Amazon

Yellow Teeth – Amazon

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