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An Exciting Future

An Exciting Future
An Exciting Future


Behind The Smile

An Exciting Future

Owen Jones, a South-Walian author from Barry, has just released ‘An Exciting Future’, the sequel to his first novel, the title of which was ‘Daddy’s Hobby’.

They are both part of the trilogy called ‘Behind The Smile ~ The Story of Lek, a Bar Girl in Pattaya.  Daddy’s Hobby was the name of the bar run by Lek’s cousin Beou, where Lek worked.

However, since the publication of the second book, the series has become a trilogy due to its popularity. Quite a few readers implored the author to write a third which he did.

The second book, called ‘An Exciting Future’, refers to the state of mind of Lek and her new boyfriend, Craig. Will this one be the last boyfriend she will ever have? She hopes so, but after ten years of having hundreds of boyfriends or clients she was genuinely worried about whether she could hold down a long term relationship any longer.

Lek had become used to her freedom and was not sure that she could give it up to become someone’s ‘missus’. She wanted to get out of the sex industry, more for her daughter than anyone, but could she do it? Lek honestly did not know.

The second book has them returning to Thailand to live. At first, they are not sure where to set up home, but they eventually decide on Lek’s village of birth. Baan Suay situated in the northern rice belt of Thailand. A place that used to be called ‘Lanna’, The Land of a Million Rice Fields.

The small village is very industrious, but there is nothing there for Lek and Craig to do. The only work available is farming for which neither of them is suited, because it takes regular practice to work that hard in 30-40 degrees centigrade.

In any case, Lek has no intention of becoming a farm labourer after ten years away. Craig may not work anyway without a work permit, which he would never be granted.

The book shows how they cope with the different pressures put upon them by the loneliness, tedium and isolation of village life in the remote Thai countryside.


It is very difficult to give details about this and the following novels without giving the story away and spoiling it for those who want to read them

For more details about this novel, please go to the web site dedicated to it, where you will find more details about the book and several buy links for both print and digital book formats:


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