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Andropov’s Cuckoo

The book cover of "Andropov's Cuckoo - A story of love, intrigue and The KGB" by Owen Jones
Andropov’s Cuckoo

A story of love, intrigue and The KGB


Owen Jones

E-BOOK – ISBN: 9788835423416

A dying man recounts the story of the most amazing person he has ever met, a brilliant, Soviet linguist whom he knows as Youriko. It is a tale of love, daring-do, spies and danger set in Japan, Germany, Turkey, the USA, Canada and the UK, but mostly in the Soviet Union of the Seventies.

Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov

Coincidentally, two girls, born thousands of miles apart in Kazakhstan and Japan just after World War II, meet and are as alike as two peas in a pod. They also get on like sisters, and keep in touch for the rest of their lives. However, one wants to help her battle-scarred country, and the other wants to leave hers for the West. One day, in high spirits, they dream up a daring, dangerous plan to achieve both goals. However, Andropov, the chief of the Soviet KGB, hears about it and actually approves. Furthermore, he dubs it Operation Youriko and sets it in motion. But does it really have even the remotest chance of success?

Andropov’s Cuckoo is a spy thriller based on a true story that was related to the author in Leningrad in the Seventies by one of the protagonists.

Excellent reviews on Amazon and elsewhere.

Andropov’s Cuckoo is available in all formats and from most bookshops including:

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