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The Alien House

Alien House - Is There One Near You?
Alien House

A Story of Love, Hope, and Alien Intervention!


Owen Jones

In The Alien House, Michael has lived with his Thai wife in Thailand for twelve years, and Spain for two. However, he has failed to get her a residence permit for the UK because of ‘lack of funds’. She was sent back to Thailand and he moved back to his home town of Barry, in South Wales to try to ‘get her in’ before the criteria for a residence permit got even worse and they were forced to live separate lives for ever.

Misery in loneliness

The chances are slim, and he sinks ever deeper into despair, even sleeping on the beach to save money. In truth, he starts to lose his mind with worry and loneliness. He won’t even go to his family for help, because he feels that they have shunned him, but is he right? His mind starts to play tricks on him, and his fantastic imagination makes up situations involving visitors from Outer Space.

Alien Intervention

One day, a chance accident brings him into contact with four people who change his life forever, but who are they, and where do they come from? His Alter Ego, Ralph, nags him constantly that his new friends are extraterrestrials who have kidnapped him without his being aware of it. Ralph mocks him piteously for not being able to see The Truth about his predicament.

They are absolutely outrageous, fantastic insinuations, but could they be true?

The Alien House

When his beautiful, charismatic new friends offer to put Michael up in their strange, Gothic country mansion, Michael wants to know what is really going on before the balance of his mind is permanently impaired, but how can he do it? After long deliberation, he comes up with a plan, but it is dangerous… It could go either way

The Alien House is an intriguing, multi-faceted, Sci-Fi fantasy, but the problem within the story of British residency permits for International, married couples are very real for thousands of people especially post-Brexit, and it still needs to be resolved.

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