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The Megan Series of Novelettes

The Megan Series of Novelettes
The Megan Series of Novelettes

The Megan Series of Novelettes

The Megan Series, which recounts the psychic development of a teenage Celtic girl, called Megan, was envisaged to be a long-running edition of inter-related short stories (novelettes). These novelettes would be issued at the rate of about one a month, and perhaps more often to cover special events.

They are inter-related, and, after the first book, which sets the tone, can be read in any order, although in the order intended is the only way to get the maximum benefit from the series. This is because Megan is learning about her psychic, paranormal powers and learning is sequential by nature.

By reading them in the correct order, you can easily learn what she and her friends do and get to know Megan and her friends and family better.

I am often asked whether the series is intended for children, because Megan is only thirteen years old, but the answer is that it is for any age group that can understand or is interested in the subject. I chose thirteen because that was when I became interested in Spiritualism, and talked to my mother about it. Her first memories, also at age thirteen, on the subject are recounted in volume one (the travelling salesman), but I merged them with mine (being brought up by my grandmother, and having a tiger as a familiar).

To that extent, at least, The Megan Series is based on a true story, but there are other aspects to it that are based on truth too.

There are now twenty-three volumes to the series and I am ready to write more, if there is sufficient interest.

The good news on that front is that volume one, The Misconception, is being translated into six different languages, and has been narrated into a fascinating audiobook. An audiobook in Spanish will follow soon, and, not long afterwards, in French and German too.

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Megan The Misconception – free audiobook

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PS: At least the first volume, The Misconception, is currently available in eight languages

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