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Moonstone – Megan’s Stone


Moonstone As A Semi-Precious Gemstone

Moonstone is a stone which is characterised by its peculiar adularescence, which appears as a shimmer over its surface. People have long associated this stone with the moon and moonlight. Moonstones from different areas are of different colours. The most famous is the pale blue moonstone from Sri Lanka, while stones from India can be pale green to light brown.

It is the birthstone of those born in June and is traditionally given as a present in the thirteenth year of marriage. It has always been a popular stone for Indian jewellery, but was also used by Roman and Greek jewellers more than 2,000 years ago. It is said that the ancient Europeans believed that it was formed from solidified moonlight and therefore it was strongly associated with lunar gods and particularly goddesses.

This gemstone has had much mystique attached to it in several countries. In India and other parts of Asia, it is said to help induce prophetic dreams, while in Arabia, women believe that it increases fertility. In India it is also associated with lovers. The world over, moonstone is associated with the female side of life.

Others say that moonstone strengthens its wearer’s capacity to understand and therefore be intuitive. Other cultures say that moonstone promotes the inward journey of self-realisation and awareness as well as the traveller who journeys from place to place. In its capacity as an aid to travellers of the inward and outward kind, moonstone has been thought to encourage wisdom and the search for knowledge; to calm the soul;  and correct the natural rhythms of life.

Another name for moonstone at one time was the ‘Travellers’ Stone’ and was particularly prized by seafarers.

It is associated with the Crown Chakra, which is the gateway of the soul to the universe outside our bodies and the Brow Chakra, which is associated with the Third Eye, second sight and lucid dreams. Many people who believe this wear moonstone on their head as earrings, necklaces and tiaras.

The green moonstone has a special significance for some believers in the power of this gemstone: apart from all the others attributes of moonstone in general, the green variety is said to have the most influence on lovers and as such to affect the Heart Chakra. As can be seen from the above, moonstone is thought by many people of India to resonate with the higher chakras.

In India, moonstone is only sold from a yellow cloth as yellow has a strong spiritual significance.

Some of the Moon Goddesses that moonstone may be associated with are:

Cerridwen, the Welsh Keeper of the Cauldron of the Underworld and goddess of spiritual transformation and inspiration

Hanwi, the Sioux goddess of the moon and protector of her people from evil spirits of the night

Nyx, the Greek goddess of the night

Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon

Diana, the Roman goddess of the moon and protector of animals

Moonstone is most often fashioned into a cabochon which is a traditional domed top and flat underneath. However, you may on occasion see a very transparent moonstone cut as a faceted gem. Moonstone is mined in a number of places – including Sri Lanka, Burma, India, Australia, Austria, Mexico, Madagascar, Norway, Poland, Canada and the United States

Megan gets a Moonstone in ‘Megan’s Thirteenth’ read it here: Megan’s Thirteenth Birthday

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