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Supernatural Powers

A Tale of Supernatural Powers

A Tale of Supernatural Powers
A Tale of Supernatural Powers

A Tale of Supernatural Powers

‘The Misconception’ is a novelette about a young girl’s growing realisation that she is able to do things that no-one else in her family can, although some of her school friends say they have similar unusual psychic, supernatural powers.

The girl’s name is Megan and she is twelve years old in this book.

Megan has two seemingly insurmountable problems. The first is that her mother is frightened of her daughter’s latent abilities and not only will not help her but actively discourages her and the second is that she cannot find a teacher to help her develop her psychic, supernatural powers.

She tries to discuss them with her mother, but gets very short shrift and she does not even bother telling her father, because she knows that her mother would not approve and ultimately, Megan wants to stay on the right side of her mother.

Megan feels that there is an unspoken bond between them both. Perhaps it is the bond that exists between all mothers and their daughters, but maybe it goes much deeper too.

Who can tell, since Megan doesn’t even know herself? All she knows is that her mother doesn’t seem to be playing the part expected of her as the loving mother of a soon-to-be teenage daughter, who has anxieties that she wants, no, needs to discuss with someone she trusts.

Megan is willing to give her mother time to get over her fear of the paranormal. She can wait and she can even put up with the horrible abuse that is metered out to her secretly without her father’s knowledge.

At least, she can for now.

‘The Misconception’ is the first short story in what will become a series about the continual enlightenment of Megan as she finds people to help her understand how best to proceed with her supernatural powers, and spiritual and psychic development.

For she has to be taught not only what it is possible to do and how to do it, but to what end she should put her special abilities. Megan is a good girl, so it would seem obvious that she would tend towards using her supernatural powers for good, but it is not always easy to do the right thing even if you know what that is.

These stories about Megan will appeal to anyone who has an interest in psychic, supernatural powers and the  paranormal and is between the ages of ten and a hundred years old.

This article refers to the new book ‘The Misconception’. Read the first chapter free here at The Misconception

by +Owen Jones

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