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Here is a bit of fun!

Every time this page is refreshed, you will be offered a code to get one of my audio books free of charge!

The codes will appear at random, so you won’t know what you will get 🙂

There are two classes of code: UK and non-UK, as classified by Audible, the promoter.

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My Free Books

I will be adding to the free books here, as and when I find an appropriate subject.

If you have a particular topic that you think I can help you with, please send me an email to the address associated with this site.

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Behind The Smile

Behind The smile – Daddy’s Hobby

Get your free copy of the infamous classic on Thai bar girls, Behind The Smile, here:


A Night In Annwn- free audiobook

A Night in Annwn


A free copy of the audiobook of this ebook and paperback concerning the near-death experience of Willy Jones and his subsequent vist to Heave, (Annwn in old Welsh) is available temporarily here:






Megan The Misconception

Megan The Misconception Volume 1

Megan is a psychic Celtic teen living in South Wales. She cannot understand her powers, but she is comfortable with them however, this brings her into conflict with her traditional, Catholic mother…

Megan is a psychic Celtic teen living in South Wales. She cannot understand her powers, but she is comfortable with them however, this brings her into conflict with her traditional, Catholic mother…

This is the first of twenty-three volumes, download it free here:

Megan The Misconception (volume one)


Marketing Your Book On and Off Line

Marketing Your Book: On and Off Line (How to…)

This manual will show you ten off line and ten on line strategies for promoting your book – all of them free of charge. It is a must for any author, written by an author with over 150 books to promote. Me, see my books by clicking the ‘PLR Ebooks’ and ‘Book Links’ menus in the title bar above.

MYB on Amazon

This book is free on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. If you are not a member of this Kindle programme, click the link below for a free 30-day trial membership – no strings attached then return here and use one of the links above to download a copy of this handy manual completely free of charge.

Naturally, there will also be thousands of other books for you to download free too, so have a whale of a time!

The Kindle Unlimited membership program offers special benefits for just $9.99 per month:

*Unlimited reading from over 1 million ebooks

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Free Videos

Tommy Cooper


Everything You Know Is Wrong!” by Lloyd Pye

“How It Is” by Michael Tellinger

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