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Books in Arabic-كتب باللغة العربية

كتب باللغة العربية

كتب باللغة العربية


أوين جونز

Owen Jones

As you may have already seen in my bookshop, I have written over fifty novels but they are all in English. However, I am having them translated into various languages, and this page will contain a list of all my books in Arabic.

At first, there will not be many but you will see that the number of translations will increase over time, so I recommend that you take a look here every now and then to see what has changed. If you have a particular preference as to which book you would like to see translated first, please let me know and I’ll try to accommodate you.

Links to Books in Arabic

However, the list below includes those already available on different platforms or those that are being translated: when the title of a book becomes a link, click on it and you will be redirected to the pages with more details on the books in Arabic.

So, here is the list of books in Arabic:

Andropov’s Cuckoo – وقواق أندروبوف

قصة الحب ، التآمر والكي جي بي!

Behind The Smile – ما وراء الابتسامة

قصة ليك ، نادلة في حانة بباتايا

The Disallowed – المنبوذ

القصة الطريفة لعائلة معاصرة من مصاصي دماء

The Psychic Megan Series – سلسلة ميغان

يل الروح ، النمر الشبح ، وأم مخيفة وحيدة!

My Bookshop – مكتبتي

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