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Pre-Ordering – A Note



A Note on Pre-Ordering

This is just a quick note about some things that have been happening recently.

Amazon has introduced a structure called pre-ordering, which is something that traditional publishers have used for a long, long time. The theory is that people who follow an author will buy the book one day, so, allow them to place an order before the publication date and all those orders will be fulfilled on the first day.

This makes it look like a rush to buy to the people who compile bestseller lists, and, believe it or not, (apparent) success breeds success, because stockists, and readers, buy what is popular.

Therefore, rising up a list is of great importance to a writer and Amazon has just introduced pre-ordering.

I want to take advantage of this pre-ordering feature and I hope that you, my loyal readers, will help me.

My research shows that many of my regular readers have read or bought at least two of my books, although they do tend to stick to one or another genre and I, unlike most authors have written in at least five genres.

That aside, I have just, this month, released three new novels.

Megan and the Burglar (Megan12)
Fate Twister, the story of Wayne Gamm: in pre-order at 28% discount until the 7h September
Behind The Smile 4: yes, the long-awaited sequel to the trilogy! Probably to be called ‘The Lady in the Tree’. The cover is wrong, but it will be the same as the others but in royal blue. It is also in pre-order at a big discount.

I hope that you will use the pre-ordering facility and help me promote the books that you like so much, after all, you’re going to buy them anyway, aren’t you?

Please go here to see the books and place your pre-order (in the normal way):


by +Owen Jones

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