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Garden Fish Pond Course

Fish Pond – Course Summary

Garden Fish Pond Course
Garden Fish Pond Course

Fish Pond – Course Summary

This course is about how to create a fish pond in your yard or garden. The assumption is that the student knows nothing about building a fish pond, but it cannot teach bricklaying skills. The ‘Introduction’ is a general overview of what it’s like having a fish pond, but then it gets into the nitty-gritty.

The second chapter is about how to chose the best site for your pond. This is a very important chapter because you will always regret it if you put the pond in the wrong place. Don’t worry though, when you are aware of what you need to take into account, you will soon recognise the best spot for it.

The third chapter is about designing your pond. There are quite a few things to think about here too, but as with the previous chapter, once you know what to beware, you will be able to cope with it.

The fourth chapter concerns the actual construction of the pond itself. If you cannot do this yourself, you can easily hire a local bricklayer, perhaps a retiree, to do this bit for you. It will not take long to do and so should not cost you a great deal.

The fifth section is about populating your pond with fish and aquatic plants. This is the fun bit, if you found the other chapters difficult, although I would like to think that you will find the whole experience interesting and rewarding.

The sixth section is about the maintenance of your pool, fish and plants. Maintenance is an on-going process when it comes to fish ponds, but then most things in the garden are like that, aren’t they? The maintenance phase is very rewarding, because you will be interacting with your fish and their environment.

The final chapter is about what to do in freak or extreme weather conditions. If you live in North America or Europe, you will need to take special precautions from time to time in the winter months.

This course is in module form, so that you can easily pace yourself. Each section is in audio, presentation and text formats as far as possible, so you will be able to read the text, watch quick summaries and listen to the audio units when you are on the move.

This course will benefit those who love their garden and want to expand the dimensions that it offers. Creating a garden fish pond is a DIY project that should not be too difficult for anyone who is reasonably fit. If that is still not you, you could enlist the help of a young friend for the digging and the carrying of materials and a local bricklayer to build the walls or and lay flagstones as a border around the pond.

For those who take up the challenge of creating a backyard fish pond, the rewards will be fantastic for many years to come. Go for it, you have nothing to lose and a great deal to gain.

Learn how to create a garden pond here free until November 4th 2013

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