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Lilian Roberts
Lilian Roberts – Author


Lilian Roberts – Author


01: Name:   Lilian Roberts     Blog or Website:

02:  Country: USA

03: Do you prefer to read a genre, which?:  Paranormal / Romance

04: Do you write in the same genre, if not, which?:  I write in the same genre, though I am making a change in my next book. It will be Historic / Romance

05: Have you always written and what got you started professionally, Lilian?:  I started to write when I was very young. It was more like role-playing. I wrote stories and pretended that I was one of the characters. In my wildest dreams I never thought that one day I will become and actual author and see my books in print. It is the most extraordinary feeling in the world. I was fascinated with the possibility of human immortality. As an engineer I always wondered about the probability of longevity. What if? That is a big question that still keeps the scientist looking for answers. I am not going to see that possibility in my lifetime so I decided to make it happen in my books.

06: How many books have you published?:  I have published 4 books so far. They are part of a series “The Immortal Rapture Series” Arielle Immortal Awakening, Arielle Immortal Seduction, Arielle Immortal Passion and Arielle Immortal Quickening. The 5th book in the series Arielle Immortal Journey will be published by the end of June this year. The last 3 books have been completed and they will be published quarterly starting July of this year.

07: Do you see yourself in any of your characters or do any of them have traits you wish you had?:  I have definitely put myself in my characters because that is the only way I can write. I do wish I had some of their special gifts and most of all immortality.

08: Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?:  I don’t underestimate the readers. I try to write an interesting story and produce a book that will keep people engaged. I want to make my readers a fan and to give them a book that will keep them coming back for more.

09: Choose a male and a female character from your book and tell us which actor/actress you’d wish to play them in a film adaptation?:  I would like to see Ian Somerhalder play Sebastian Gaulle and Kristin Kreuk play Arielle Lloyd.

10: Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?:  A little bit of both

11: Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?  My life is very busy. Trying to find the quiet moments I need to work on my manuscript is the most challenging part in writing.

12: What was the hardest part of writing your book?:  Trying to keep names, dates and places correct through out 8 books.  Coming up with unique scenarios of revenge for my villain immortals. And keeping the story interesting and finding a great cliff-hanger for each book. Ensuring the reader is interested and eager to purchase the next book.

13: Do you have an agent or publisher? How did you go about finding one?: I had actually self-published my first four books in the Immortal Rapture series. My publicist was promoting them well, and each of the books made it onto Amazon bestseller lists. We were getting great reviews, and she happened to mention this to someone at her publishing house “Booktrope”. The director looked at my work and loved the idea of the series and forwarded the information about the synopses and sales figures to the Chief of Marketing. She bought my first book, Arielle Immortal Awakening and loved it. Next thing I knew, she was calling me to talk about the series as a whole, and soon after I had a contract. The first 4 books in the series have been re-published by Booktrope. They will be releasing one book each month until the whole series is published.

14:  Have you ever called your partner by a name in your books and what was the reaction?: No I have never done that.

15: You can buy Lilian Roberts’ books here:

Arielle - Immortal Awakening
Arielle – Immortal Awakening
Arielle - Immortal Seduction
Arielle – Immortal Seduction
Arielle - Immortal Passion
Arielle – Immortal Passion









Thank you for your interesting and candid replies to our questions, Lilian Roberts, it has been a great pleasure getting to know you better and introducing you to our readers. I hope that you will come back to talk to us again one day.

Best wishes,


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