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Arthur Crandon

Arthur Crandon - Author
Arthur Crandon

Arthur Crandon

01    Name:      Arthur Crandon

Web Site:


02  Country: Hong Kong

03  Do you prefer to read a genre, which?:  I like crime / legal thriller fiction

04  Do you write in the same genre, if not, which?:  I write in a similar genre, but it is different because I am writing about Asian events and stories

05  Have you always written and what got you started professionally?

I started writing seriously two years ago, when I had a little time.  I finished the first draft of my book ‘Deadly Election’ in six months.  I have always wanted to write but never had the time until now.

06  How many books have you published?:  I have published five books in all, but four of them were legal type self help books.

07  Which one would you like to tell us about?: I would like to tell you about ‘Deadly Election”

08  About my book:  I wrote this crime thriller novel using my experiences in and knowledge of the Philippines to help me. It will surprise and shock a lot of people.

09  [simpleazon-image align=”none” asin=”147923625X” locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”100″]

ISBN-10: 147923625X  ISBN-13: 978-1479236251

10  What would you like your next book to be on?:  I have already started on my next book – ‘Ninety Percent’. It is about gold smuggling into China and international terrorism.

11  If you could go anywhere in the universe, where would you go and why?:

Wow, Anywhere that I can work by the beach, with a Starbucks close by – Of all the places I have been to, I guess I would like to end up on a beach in the Philippines, but I would love to see Thailand and Cambodia before making up my mind– they are supposed to be beautiful

12  Is there anything you can share about yourself or your work that not many people know?:

Well, I have a love of music, and play the piano whenever I can.  When I was younger I played in bands as a semi professional.

13  What is your favourite foreign food?:  Thai curry, definitely.

14  Are you, or have you ever been, a terrorist?: I do not think so, but my children may have a different opinion.

15  Have you ever called your partner by a name in your books and what was the reaction?:

I have not done that, yet. I think the reaction would depend on whether the character is nice or nasty.

Owen: Thanks very much for calling in Arthur, and answering these questions about yourself and your work.

Another one of us Brits in the Far East, then 🙂

If you ever get to come over to Thailand for a real Thai curry, we will have to see if we can meet up.

I hope you will come back and let us know when your sixth book is complete.

My thanks to Arthur Crandon.

All the best,


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