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How to Write a Book Review

Set and Forget Promo Package

Ultimate Set and Forget Promo
Ultimate Set and Forget Promo Package

The Ultimate Set and Forget,  Super-Powerful Promo Package

This is a super powerful advertising package for those writers and other artists who want to give their work a massive boost or/and don’t have the time to do the basic promotional work themselves.

It can also be seen as a solid foundation of advertising, upon which you can build as and when you have the time.

An important feature of this promotional package is that it does not interfere with, or use, any of your current advertising tools. We will create all the basics that we need from scratch so that you will have another unique aspect to your promo.

Let’s use a novel as an example:

You start by sending me a copy of your novel by email.

1] I will read your novel, review it and then post your review on this website, Megan Publishing Services, which receives a great deal of targeted traffic interested in books. (5,000+ pageviews per day from about 1,000 visitors per day)

2] I will create six Tweets that are uniquely relevant to your book for you to use as you wish. They can point to your sales pages, the author interview, your sales page, your blog, or wherever you like, and I will provide a tracking URL, or use yours, so that you can check the results.

3] I will send three of these Tweets to all of my 77,600+ bookish followers EVERY DAY for 365 days!

4] I will create a sales page using your cover and blurb in our popular onsite bookshop. Five covers from our bookshop are chosen at random and placed on every page throughout the Megan Publishing Services website. Since there are currently about 6,500 page views a day, that means that 32,000 book covers are being displayed daily on our site and they all link back to their unique bookshop sales pages. This page will remain on Megan Publishing Services for 30 days, but can be renewed for $4.99 p/m or less.

5] We will conduct an author interview at your leisure and post it to this site. This page will remain permanently on Megan Publishing Services, which attracts about 6,500 page-views per day.

6] The review page, the sales page and the interview page will all be promoted on at least a dozen of the most popular social media accounts.

7] NEW! I will create podcasts of your interview and review and post them to all the top podcast sites like iTunes, Blubrry, Stitcher, Tunein, Radio Public and others. These will remain on those sites permanently!

This is an extremely powerful PROMO package that will launch your work like a three-stage rocket!

Your book or artwork will experience an explosive take off due to the initial promotion of the review and interview on at least a dozen top social media sites. Then the bookshop sales page and the constant three Tweets a day for a year will keep its profile high. Finally, the review on Amazon, Goodreads and our high-traffic blog with its targeted readership and the podcasts will keep it widely known. Furthermore, the review and author interview will remain on our site, Amazon and Goodreads indefinitely sending your work a steady stream of interested customers for years and years to come

This is a new promo deal, but I will be doing all the work myself, so if you want to take advantage of it, I urge you to get in early as acceptance will be limited by my reading speed, especially if you want to link the package to a launch (recommended).

Your first step is to pay for the Ultimate Promo Pack below (please mention the name of your book on the payment) and then send me your book in any format to owen at or email me to book or ask about available dates.

Yes! Book me up for one whole year’s advertising for only £50!

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Frank Kelso
Frank Kelso

Frank Kelso
On 07/01/2018 21:05, Frank Kelso wrote:

In promoting my latest novel, I reached out to Megan Publishing Services, for a review and twitter posting.

Owen provided valuable insight, including editing and proofreading.

The Megan promos have only started running and I can already see an upswing in sales.
I wholeheartedly recommend Megan Publishing Service for  preparing, publishing, and promoting your next book.

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