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The novel, Andropov's Cuckoo


Andropov’s Cuckoo This emotional novel is great for the historical fiction lovers. It was so authentic I would swear the author was either an Asian women or an ex-member of the KGB who’s chilling reputation is unquestionably deserved. Or both. As much as the story is filled with innocent youthful fun that sprouts like weeds …

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I found William’s, and his daughter’s, quest for spiritual knowledge and healing thought provoking


I am a big fan of books on Thailand [Daddy’s Hobby] – particularly what some would describe as the darker side. The Thai bar scene is much talked about and generally misunderstood. Many books seem to be written based on a single visit and dwell on the old cliche of sex pervert meets scheming hooker. …

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Dead Centre - Press Release

Enrico Grafitti

When I read Owen Jones’ take on the vampire myth, ‘The Disallowed’, one of the things I enjoyed most about it was how he took such a tried and tested meme and gave it new interest and a freshness that is so lacking in vamp novels today.
Well, he’s done it again in his latest offering ‘Dead Centre’.

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