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Thanks for looking in at our forum, but we have all moved over to the SWAMP on Facebook , where it is a lovely ten degrees above body temperature.

Come on in! You’ll be very welcome.

What is The SWAMP?
It is a meeting place for all artists and lovers of art in all its forms and stands for:


Why not come and join us at The SWAMP?

*Update* Unfortunately, it seems that no-one knows what to do with this idea. I don’t blame them, as I don’t either to tell the truth. Facebook and other such social media sites handle this sort of thing so much better than I ever could.

Not that I am recommending Facebook! Heaven forbid! They took my first Facebook down for no reason. It was ten years old and had all my old friends from around the world on it. That has all gone. I had also used that page to log into dozens of apps and websites, but I can’t get into them any longer, because I don’t have the Facebook log in credentials!

Learn from that one. It is so easy to click ‘Log in with Facebook’, but what happens if you lose Facebook? I’ll tell you. you lose all those sites you’ve joined with it too. Log in with your email address only! Don’t give these heartless people control over where you can go. In fact, even if you never have any problems with Facebook, you are effectively telling them where you are going and how often you go there! You are even asking their permission to be able to do it… you are asking the to vouch for you!

I have had a new Facebook for a year now, and I have been reprimanded for spamming, and a display of nudity!

That is not me, dear reader 🙂 I am a serious writer who would not jeopardise his livelihood by spamming, and I a a plump 68 year-old man, so displaying naked photos of myself online is not something I would do.

However, there is no right of appeal. To be accused, is to be convicted, is to be found guilty (and these are American firms!) They are telling you how they would behave it it were not for government. They’re bloody fascists at heart!

Two days ago, they asked for sight of my passport ‘to try to clear up the matter’. Yeah, right!

They’re not pinning those allegations to my passport! I should co-co!

All the best,


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