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Spirituality and Religion

Spirituality and Religion
Spirituality and Religion

Spirituality and Religion

Spirituality covers such a broad field, that it is probably fair to say that most people have a different conception of what that religious term means. Every religion has its fundamental fascists and its pinko modernists, every church probably holds a group of parishioners whose beliefs vary… So, what is Spirituality?

Well, to me Spirituality is the fundamental belief that some(one/thing) else did the things that we didn’t and that that ‘person’ deserves respect, because He, She or It probably made us too.

In my mind, too many religious people confuse the messenger with the message or even its sender.

Who cares whether your country listens predominantly to God’s messenger called Buddha, Christ or Mohamed? Who cares whether you found God’s message easier to understand as explained by one or the other prophets?

I am damn sure that those religious learders are turning in their graves at the sounds of people fighting ‘in their name’.

If you are killing for God, you have misunderstood the message, and you need to go back to Go without collecting £200.

Spirituality is a wonderful thing. It should be empowering, not debilitating, it should mean freedom from tyranny, not enslavement to some guy telling you that only he or she understands God.

You don’t need the Pope, a mullah or a priest to tell you what is right. Your innate Spirituality is telling you every minute of the day, and if you have a bad conscience, it is because you are not listening to yourself.

Spirituality is the spark in all living things that makes us all sons and daughters of God. Animals carry this spark too, to some, although they are almost certainly less evolved… but that is off topic in this piece.

Look at the root of the religion that you find yourself in, and think about whether it tells you this:

“Do not seek to walk in the paths of the wise men of old, seek what they sought”

and if they are not asking you to question, then you should be questioning, why not?

The ball of your own Spiritual development is in your court – and no-one else’s. No-one can do it for you, and nobody can absolve you of your misdemeanours.

Here is the best modern book of advice I have ever read:

The Eternal Plan – Revealed

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