You Thought You Had It Bad

by John Elray
Review by Owen Jones

It takes a lot to make me laugh in print, I am more visual as far as comedy is concerned, but ‘You Thought You Had It Bad’, a collection of humorous short stories by John Elroy is the exception that proves the rule. Some are irreverent, which is allowed, and some are thought-provoking, which is great. I loved the one about the twenty chimps on a plane for that, but the earwax fairy had me in stitches!
I thoroughly recommend this book by Elroy. Comedy is notoriously difficult to write because there are so many flavours, but I sincerely hope that he will deliver another volume in the near future.
‘You Thought You Had It Bad’ will keep you chuckling for hours.

Well done, five out of five!

   ‘You Thought You Had It Bad’ by John Elray