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You Thought You Had It Bad!

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You Thought You Had It Bad

by John Elray
Review by Owen Jones

It takes a lot to make me laugh in print, I am more visual as far as comedy is concerned, but ‘You Thought You Had It Bad’, a collection of humorous short stories by John Elroy is the exception that proves the rule. Some are irreverent, which is allowed, and some are thought-provoking, which is great. I loved the one about the twenty chimps on a plane for that, but the earwax fairy had me in stitches!
I thoroughly recommend this book by Elroy. Comedy is notoriously difficult to write because there are so many flavours, but I sincerely hope that he will deliver another volume in the near future.
‘You Thought You Had It Bad’ will keep you chuckling for hours.

Well done, five out of five!

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