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Unique by Seth Quillet


by Seth Quillet


by Barry Boy

Unique is a novel in the occult / fantasy genre by Seth Quillet, which may be part of a series already, since one is planned at the time of writing this review.

Lindsey is a normal college girl from Toledo on her way to enjoy herself in her car when the book opens, but she suffers a car accident and a probable Near-Death Experience, in which ‘someone’ offers to save her life, if she agrees to his terms. She feels that she is on a shot to nothing and therefore does so.

Little does she realise what she has done at first, but she gradually becomes aware that she is sharing her body with a ghoulish entity called Anzu, who refers to himself as a ‘Fallen Angel’ with demon powers.

However, Anzu requires food from time to time and human food, in the normal sense of the expression, will not cut it for him. He needs the real McCoy. When Anzu suggests eating Lindsey’s flatmate and best friend, she takes him out hunting.

Lindsey soon realises that there are a lot of people who have abused their right to life and so she feeds the ghoulish Anzu with them, thus reducing the crime rate of Toledo dramatically. Until one day, she stumbles across a heinous crime gang that stretches from the top of society to the bottom and across the waters too and the scene is set for the main theme of the book

I really liked Unique, which is written in the first person singular; and the cover and title are appropriate to the story. The editing is well done and time has been spent on the main characters.

I recommend Unique and am sure that you will be as surprised and pleased by the story as I was. Full marks.

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