The Dead Game

The Dead Game

by Susanne Leist

Review by Barry Boy

The Dead Game is a horror mystery, located in modern America, and written in the third person. It is slightly florid in style, which is not my favourite manner, but this was not overly so and did not put me off reading it. The story begins in a small, northeastern, seaside town called Oasis, and specifically in an old mansion in the style of the colonial period called End House. The goings on could be likened to The Shining, just to give you a rough, but quick impression of the property.

The Dead Game is a story in which vampires of at least two types vie for association with human beings – one is malevolent and the other is more protective, although there are other types of creatures too – including a Saint! The older residents of Oasis have been aware of the conflict to a greater or lesser extent for a very long time, but newcomers are not so willing to put up with the status quo.

After a fantastic and very scary party at End House, the newcomers, led basically by Linda and Shana, and their would be beaux Todd and Sam, decide to get to the bottom of what is going on. This leads them and their associates through many trials and tribulations, which eventually produces a result positive enough to settle the population of the town and vicinity… or does it?

Susanne Leist does a very good job of creating this murderously horrific, vampire story with several twists. The cover is in keeping with the storyline, and it appears to have been professionally edited.

I thoroughly recommend The Dead Game to all those who are fond of the genre. I am sure that you will enjoy it.

  The Dead Game