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Storm of Arranon

Storm of Arranon – Review

Storm of Arranon
Storm of Arranon

Storm of Arranon

by R. E. Sheahan

Review by Barry Boy

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.

Storm of Arranon is a science-fiction fantasy concerning two worlds that have a loose affiliation. The peoples of these worlds, Korin and Arranon, are more friendly than their leaders would like them to be and some interracial mixing occurs, which the governments try hard to discourage by telling lies about the dangers of such liaisons to any children that may result.

One day, an alien life form, hardly distinguishable from the peoples of Korin and Arranon infiltrate their hierarchy with a view to taking over, as their own planet has already been lost. They have wandered the universe for ages seeking new planets to pillage for their resources. Now it is the turn of Korin and Arranon.

However, some people, especially on Arranon have got wind of the invasion and set about thwarting it. It turns out that the hybrid children of the mixed ‘home planets’ possess special powers, although no-one is completely sure what they are, since the governments discourage them from finding out.

One of the key hybrids in the fight against the aliens is Lieutenant Erynn Yager, a young trainee Air Force pilot, who has been made to feel ashamed of what she is all her life. However, a band of military personnel from both worlds rally around her and encourage her to help them overcome the common enemy.

Storm of Arranon is a gripping tale. It ticks all the right boxes and a few more for me. There is a good balance between supernatural powers and plain old brute force in the battles that take place and the flora and fauna are imaginable. So is the technology.

Sheahan has a way with words that most people will like. The author’s descriptions of scenery, creatures, people and emotions are full and colourful. However, this was the only thing that I personally did not like so much. I don’t like to be told every tiny detail about everything, I like to imagine a lot of it for myself, and to be honest, some phrases left me completely baffled.

What does: ‘The word slithered across her nerves like a dry whisper’ mean? I have been thinking about it for days and I still don’t know. I’m sorry, but description for description’s sake like this puts me off. It seems to me that it is more suited to poetry than prose, but then that’s just me. It is a very good read.

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