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by Eric J. Gates


by Barry Boy

Primed, by acclaimed thriller-writer Eric J. Gates, is the long-awaited sequel to Outsourced, the first novel in the series. It again features the much-loved agent Major Bridget Mason and the two writers Beasley and Stiles.

Primed has Mason teamed up with a new character, The Great Dane, who is reminiscent of a foreign Dirty Harry, but without the penchant for drawing his weapon.

They make a fascinating partnership and their interplay was the highlight of the story for me.

The Pen also comes into the storyline again, but does not play such a big role as the various Russians who are operating on the right and wrong side of the (Russian) law on America’s West Coast.

I am confident that you will be enthralled by Primed and that you will find that it ends too soon, as I did.

I have no hesitation in recommending Gates’ latest masterpiece, Primed and give it five out of five stars – a definite buy!

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