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Gravity by James M. Corkill

Gravity – a Review

Gravity by James M. Corkill
Gravity by James M. Corkill


by James M. Corkill

Review by Barry Boy

I was given a free copy of Gravity in exchange for an honest review.

Gravity is a fiction adventure novel, which includes science fiction. It is the fourth volume in the Alex Cave series.

Cave is a professor of geology at a university who has worked for the Intelligence Services before, and who is still called in to help from time to time. This is one such time.

In this action-packed adventure story reminiscent of Indiana Jones and Mission Impossible, unusual phenomena in Iceland are observed, which cause the environmental and government bodies concerned to call an international symposium in Iceland, to which Cave is invited. This leads to his exploration of a deep corkscrew-shaped tunnel heading into the bowels of the planet, where an ancient alien device is discovered, although not by Cave.

Soon, birds are dropping out of the sky as are spy satellites and even the moon’s orbit is changed, which has a potentially devastating effect on the Earth’s tidal systems, threatening to affect all the planet’s coastal areas.

However, that is not the worst of it by a long chalk. Another time bomb is ticking, which will definitely destroy the population of Earth unless it is stopped in time.

Lovers of the aforementioned series will really like this book too. However, for me, too many coincidences, dei ex machina, and stretches of the imagination make this not my kind of story, although when I criticise films, my wife is always saying to me: “Don’t worry about the details, it’s just a story!”. Still, the details are important to me.

Sentences like (paraphrase); “Find me someone who can write a program to translate complicated hieroglyphic languages…” turn me off. Especially when they are answered with, “Yes, sir, I know someone, sir”.

Gravity is a thriller that ticks all the right boxes for millions of people, and I am sure that it will find a huge following. It is just not my genre.

I would say that Gravity has been edited well, but there are still a few errors. The cover is attractive and suiting to the story too. All in all, Gravity is a very good book.

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