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Pulse Pressure

Blood pressure monitor to facilitate working out pulse pressure
Pulse Pressure

Another metric to think about…

Before we begin, let me briefly explain what Pulse Pressure is. It is the difference between the systolic (higher) and diastolic (lower) blood pressure readings. So, if your blood pressure readings are, say, 120/80, then your Pulse Pressure is 40.

I have been monitoring my blood pressure readings for some time now, and for most of that time, my readings for a three-week period have averaged out at about: 126/63 giving me a Pulse Pressure of 63.

Blood Pressure

Normal is: 40-60, but the figure rises with the arterial hardening that typically comes with ageing.

So, on that basis, I was quite happy with a Pulse Pressure of 63. I assumed that the various doctors that I have visited over the last few years were too, since none of them ever mentioned it.

Then, in January 2022, it rose steadily to 65 and then 67. I started to get concerned. By early March, it had risen to 71, but I felt fine… worried, but fine.

Then something unexpected happened.

The aircon in our bedroom broke down, and since we couldn’t get it repaired for a month, we started sleeping in the office. My wife feels the heat more than I do, so she insisted on having the aircon on all day, so she could pop in to cool down whenever she needed to.

March in Thailand is high summer. The temperature rises from about 20-22c in early January to 38-40c in mid-March.

Pulse Pressure Readings

The day after I was put in this air-conditioned environment of 23c, my Pulse Pressure dropped to 65 and after 72 hours, it has fallen to 63.

I had forgotten how much heat can affect the all-important Pulse Pressure of older people. It results because the heart has to pump more blood to maintain a living temperature.

It is why people die here in the summer, especially the old, just like the old die of the cold in winter in the West.

Anyway, thus, I live to fight another day after all 🙂



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