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The term ‘paranormal’ can cover a very wide spectrum. Some even say that everything is normal, and that the paranormal and supernatural therefore don’t exist.

Many people think that Paranormal events are quite normal.

Annwn-Heaven Series

Annwn-Heaven Series

The first novel in the Annwn-Heaven Series is:

A Night in Annwn

The Strange Story of Old Willy Jones’ Near-death Experience

by Owen Jones

Are you looking for a book that takes you on an otherworldly journey? Then A Night in Annwn by Welsh author Owen Jones might just be what you need. This modern fairy tale is part of the magical, enchanting Annwn-Heaven series. It tells the story of the Jones family, the mother of which, Sarah, has already travelled to the Welsh Otherworld of Annwn. In other words, she has passed away.

Annwn is Welsh Heaven

Annwn is often associated with Heaven in Welsh mythology. In this book, Jones has created a mystical and enchanting world that is both imaginative and spellbinding. By the way, Annwn is pronounced ‘Annoon’ – the ‘w’ being the vowel ‘oo’ in Welsh. The story begins in earnest when William, Sarah’s husband, suffers a Near-death Experience (NDE). When he awakens, he thinks that his nurse looks a lot like his dearly departed wife.

As William realises that he is in Annwn-Heaven, he begins to encounter a host of otherworldly experiences and landscapes that are sure to capture the reader’s imagination. From variable scenery to fantastical methods of transport, William’s journey is a mind-expanding mixture of wonderment and awe.

However, things are not always as they seem in Annwn. William soon discovers that he should take nothing at face value, although Sarah assures him that nothing can harm him in Annwn. Along the way, he faces many challenges and strange experiences. Ultimately, it is his bravery and trust in his wife that save the day.


What makes A Night in Annwn so captivating is Jones’ skill in creating a world that feels both familiar and otherworldly at the same time. The book is filled with vivid descriptions of Annwn and its inhabitants. This makes it easy for the reader to imagine themselves in William’s shoes.

At its heart, A Night in Annwn is a tale of courage and self-discovery. William’s journey to Annwn forces him to confront his deepest fears and desires. Not only that, but it is through this journey that he comes to understand his own true self and power.

Mystical and Enchanting

Overall, A Night in Annwn is a book that will appeal to anyone who loves mystical and enchanting stories. Jones’ writing is engaging and immersive, and the book is sure to leave readers feeling spellbound. Whether you are a fan of the paranormal or simply looking for a captivating read, A Night in Annwn is a book that is not to be missed.

The same is equally true of the dreamlike sequel Life in Annwn in which William finally goes to join Sarah full-time.

Other Details about Annwn-Heaven

Life in Annwn continues straight on from the first volume, that is at Willy’s funeral reception. Jones started writing the third volume, and even got halfway through it when calamity struck and he lost half of what he had written. Two back-up drives failed – one partially and one completely. He has promised to ‘get it done’ in 2023.

By the way, there are countless millions of people who believe that ‘Heaven’ could be this way. Jones does himself, although he admits that not every nation would call it Annwn.

As of writing (6th April, 2023), part or all of the Annwn-Heaven series exists in translation and / or narration in thirteen languages besides English. These are Afrikaans, Brazilian, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Malaysian, Spanish and Swedish. The sequel exists in eight of these languages. There are audiobooks in six languages.

The Heaven-Annwn Series by Owen Jones truly has international appeal. You can check whether it appears in your language by checking ‘Non-English Translations’ in the Title Bar at the top of this page, or clicking here:

Non-English Translations

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The Psychic Girl, Megan, Series

Book covers 1-8 of the Psychic Girl, Megan.
Book covers 1-8 of the Psychic Girl, Megan

The true-ish story of a psychic girl…

The Psychic Megan Series was started in 2013. It was based on a story that my mother told me about her early life as a teenager. Apparently, as puberty was arriving, she went deaf, but she also began seeing ‘lights’ around people. To hide her deafness, which she found embarrassing at the time, she learned how to lip-read. That meant that she watched people’s mouths instead of looking them in the eyes when she was talking to them. She also began to rely ever more on her ability to see auras.


At first, she didn’t understand what the swirling ‘lights’ of the aura meant, but she gradually learned how to tell if someone was sick or lying. She told me that her parents, who were ‘mild’ Catholics were of no help with her quest to uncover the secrets of the Aura. Her mother was vociferously against the idea of psychic powers, whereas her father was nonchalant about it.

The incident of the door-to-door salesman is true. Not only that, but it was the first time that my mother, whose name was Marion (from the Robin Hood film), discovered that most people could not see auras.

Coal Cellar

She was not punished by being locked in a coal cellar. In fact, the house that she was brought up in, 33 Bell Street in Barry, does not have a basement. Nevertheless, she was made to feel that she was ‘doing something wrong’ and threatened with being locked under the stairs (where they kept coal for immediate use).

My mother worked as a legal secretary in Cardiff, 15 miles away, when I was born, and my parents were living with my maternal grandparents, so my grandmother took care of me during the day. I was told that I was naturally left-handed like my father, but that my grandmother ‘taught’ me to be right-handed, because left-handed was sinister. Quite literally!


My father was a good artist. He loved to paint, and draw. Especially horses. He, his mother and his three sisters were all psychic. They could read auras and heal the sick. I followed him being left-handed, but I cannot draw, paint or ‘see’. However, I have always liked words and languages. I liked to learn languages and write letters to friends and family, and I believe that everyone reads auras subconsciously. It is the reason why we instinctively like or dislike someone on first meeting them.

It never crossed my mind to write books. In my forties, my father’s eldest brother, Uncle Bob, asked me to proofread a novel he had written. It was a great surprise to me that someone in my family had written a book!

The Psychic Megan Series

In about 1998, my father gave me two plastic carrier bags of papers. ‘Do what you think is right about this lot’, he said, handing them over and left. I discovered that the bags contained hundreds of pages of ‘automatic writings’. Automatic writings, in my father’s case, were transcripts of talks with him by his Spirit Guides. They were not conversations, more like lectures or advice… signed by the Guide and dated. I put many of these in a book called The Eternal Plan – Revealed.

Formatting ‘Dad’s book’, and getting it published was a steep learning curve, but it got me writing my first novel Behind The Smile, when I moved to Thailand in 2004. I was fifty. In 2005, I wrote The Misconception, the first novelette in the Psychic Megan Series. It was based on my mother, but the baby in the story was me.

A Psychic Girl

The original intention behind the Psychic Megan Series was that it would be issued monthly. So, people, it was aimed at children specifically, could subscribe to, or just buy, a new story every month. That proved to be a lot more difficult that it seems. I was writing the stories, but organising the monthly series was too difficult. Nevertheless, I soon had twenty-three volumes in the Megan Series. In 2022, I wrote the twenty-fourth edition and added the word ‘psychic’ to the title.

The Psychic Megan Series better describes to contents of the series. If you would like to know more about it, click here:

The Psychic Megan Series

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