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Complaining to PayPal

Complaining To PayPal
Complaining To PayPal

Complaining to PayPal

I have not actually ever had reason to complain about PayPal itself in the twenty or so years I have had an account, but I have had to complain about other account-holders. All but one time, it went my way, and the time it didn’t was because the vendor had a no returns policy, which PayPal upheld despite the fact that the software he sold me never worked and hundreds of people were complaining about the well-known Cypriot company on the Web.

That was an unjust decision, so be warned.

My latest problem with them also arose because of another of their clients. I have been doing some writing for a company that assumed that the email address they had of mine was my PayPal address as well, so they sent five payments to it.

After thirty days, PayPal returned the money to my employer, but my employer refused to pay me ‘twice’. Whether the man was a crook or just plain stupid, I do not know.

Anyway, I contacted PayPal and went through the usual torture of having to explain myself several times to support staff who struggled to communicate in English, until eventually a supervisor phoned me up.

She didn’t get the problem the first time around either, but eventually agreed to phone my stupid employer.

Nothing ever came of it though. Maybe she didn’t believe me, but surely she could see that he had paid money into a non-existent account, had the money repatriated and never paid it back out to my real PayPal account?

This is unjust too. PayPal should have stuck up for me and put pressure on the thief, but no, it is too much to ask that big companies look out for the small man.

‘Big has might, and might has right!’ – is their motto.

So, watch out, PayPal is not always your friend!

All the best,


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