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Complaining to Amazon

Complaining to Amazon
Complaining to Amazon

Complaining to Amazon

I don’t know how much experience you have of dealing with the giant on-line retailer, but complaining to Amazon is probably best compared to complaining to your local electricity, gas or water board.

That may be a little harsh, but the feeling is definitely similar. The main differences are:

1) Amazon’s response time is better, but

2) you are very likely to get an assistant who misinterprets what your problem is. In fact, I can’t remember an instance over the last three or four years when this has not happened.

Several times, I have just given up trying to explain, even after sending the rather catty reply, ‘If English is not your mother language, please ask your supervisor for assistance’.

As often as not they will still get it wrong, though I don’t know whether they sought their supervisor’s help or not.

The latest occurrence for me was when I started an advertising campaign on Kindle. I chose my target market, my wording, book cover and price, and off we went. Two weeks in, and it was obvious that the promotion was a flop. It cost me $34 to sell $15 worth of books.

So, I wrote in saying that it would be cheaper for me to give my books away myself, and then I could also make sure they went to people I liked.

OK, the logic is not good, but I imagine that you can see what I was getting at. I was profoundly dissatisfied with the way my campaign was going! Not only that, but the novel was my most popular ever AND I had reduced the price considerably, on Amazon’s advice.

I tried explaining that three times to my ‘help’ from Amazon and he still didn’t have a clue what I was talking about… I gave up $30-odd down on sales of $17.

Never again, never, ever, ever…

Amazon needs to get its act together before I will trust them with my advertising again… or maybe they have it right? Sell advertising to people like me, pretend not to understand when they under-deliver, and put a dummy on the line when the complaints roll in.

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