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A World Without Fees

World Without Fees
World Without Fees

A World Without Fees

How does a world without fees, financial fees, anyway, sound to you? I used to be quite heavily involved with saving, planning for pensions and buying houses… only for myself, but as a single man, I was able to do all that.

The main thing I remember from those activities was the cost. Either you had to pay up front, or you received limited advice which solely promoted the products of the bank you were talking to or the companies, which paid them the highest commission. Then there were the annual maintenance charge of, say, two percent, and the transaction charge.

They made sure that they were all right first and hoped that you would do well later on. All too often, the fees would eat up all, or ninety percent of your first year’s payments. The Financial Services Industry is more transparent now, in some countries, but not everywhere.

I know that a lot of you reading this are agreeing with me… the bad old days are not that long ago, and they haven’t completely disappeared yet for many people.

So, what if I told you that I have come across a bank that has virtually, if not completely, done away with fees on financial services? Would you be interested?

I can feel the scepticism, and I don’t blame you. I have listened to loads of hogwash too in my time. However, this large Scandinavian Investment Bank has introduced a system of free financial advice.

It works basically like this: you tell them what you want to achieve financially, and they lay a scheme before you free of charge. Your financial goal can be anything you like, such as mortgage, savings, investment, etc. and spread over any amount of time.

If that sounds refreshingly good, click the following blue link to read more with no obligation and no rep breathing down your neck.

Show me the no-fee bank, please!

Good luck.


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