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Using PLR to Kick-start Your Blog

Using PLR to Kick-start Your Blog
Using PLR to Kick-start Your Blog – 15 PLR articles on blogging

Using PLR to Kick-start Your Blog

Having a blog can be either a gratifying or a disappointing experience. Gratifying if it is even moderately successful, and a disappointment if no-one ever reads it. A gratifying blog can also lead to a profitable blogging career, and that would make it even more of a pleasure to put one’s time into. This article is about one avenue of achieving a level of success as a blogger, that is by using PLR to kick-start your blog.

First of all, it should be pointed out that hopeful entrepreneurs and communicators are probably starting millions of websites and blogs every month, so your first job is to get above that ‘noise level’. In other words, to get your business noticed.

Having a riveting subject for your blog is useful, but not essential. So, what else can you do?

Well, you need to get into the search engines, and there is nothing that they love more than fresh relevant content. It is helpful to see search engines as hungry stray dogs. If you put food out for strays, they will come back for more. If you make a habit of it, they will camp outside your house.

And so will search engines.

When I am not writing novels, I try to create niche content articles (such as this) every couple of days and post them to my site. In January 2018, Google was visiting my blog, this one, every fifteen seconds!

Now, writing meaningful articles might be beyond the ability of newcomers to the job, or to bloggers whose mother language is not English, so my suggested solution to this is to buy targeted content or niche articles and publish them as your own.

Articles that were designed to be used as such are called PLR (Private Label Rights) content. They are written to be resold and reused. The fewer times an article has already been used is an indication of its freshness.

However, no matter how fresh a PLR article is, its user should read it through and change words and phrases to match his or her own style, which will make it your copyright. This will ensure that, if lazier bloggers buy the same blog package later and do not alter it, you will still have an original, personal article.

If you can publish quality new articles perfect for blog posts every other day for two weeks, you will find the search engines waiting at your door.

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