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Ella Carmichael

Ella Carmichael

Ella Carmichael
Ella Carmichael

Ella Carmichael


1 Name:

Ella Carmichael

Twitter Handle: 


Link to my Amazon author page:


2 Country 

I am Irish born but live in the UK at present.


3 Do you prefer to read a particular genre?

I read detective novels and FBI/CIS tales about tracking down serial killers. I also enjoy a whiff of the supernatural and the occasional romance.


4 Do you write in the same genre? If not which one?

Cop tales tend to be a tricky subject matter as the author really needs to know and understand how real detectives do their job. So far at least, I have not attempted anything of this nature, although I admire those who have.

I have crossed many genres with my writing, which has made it difficult to label. This isn’t a big deal to me, although it has enormous implications in the publishing world.  Authors are expected to conform at all costs and everything must have its place.

Fortunately, my latest work, Hazel Magic, is definitely a supernatural romance.


5 Have you always written and what got you started professionally?

I always scribbled when I was very young but soon gave up. Being the weird one might be considered cool in today’s world, but when I was growing up it was best not to rock the boat. I soon stopped making up character’s name and giving them lives and dialogue.

My life underwent a change back in 2010 and I began writing again as a sort of therapy. I found it helped so I kept on writing.


6 How many books have you published?

12 so far. Ten of these relate to the metaphysical adventure series called The Miracles and Millions Saga. I have also published a book of short stories called Coffee Tales and a novella called Hazel Magic.


7 Which one would you like to tell us about?

Hazel Magic. A 50,000-word supernatural novella set in modern day Ireland.


8 Why did you write this book and what is it about?

An online article caught my eye one day. I can’t say what it was about as that would be a major spoiler alert. I was fascinated by the subject matter and very quickly saw how I could weave it into a story.

The book revolves around a thirty something nurse called Niamh (Neeve) who leaves Dublin after a nasty breakup and heads to a much smaller Irish town called Navan (NAV-an) to stay with her cousin. Niamh just wants to lick her wounds and maybe lose a bit of weight while she is on her ‘sabbatical’ in the country, but fate has other plans for her. While jogging one day, she wanders into a grove of Hazel trees and is catapulted into the world of ancient Ireland. There she meets a Celtic warrior who carries a sword with the same familiarity most men carry a guitar. And so her adventure begins.


9 Book cover and ISBN/ASIN

Hazel Magic
Hazel Magic



10 What would you like your next book to be on?

Either witchcraft or a girl who rides a blue dragon.  I have outlines for both. The wiccan one is an adult romance and the dragon one is YA.


11 If you could go anywhere in the universe, where would you go and why?

Instead of just staring up at the moon and admiring its beauty, I would love to go there. However, I would not last 5 minutes in a space suit or any sort of capsule, hence I would need to be magically transported to the surface. After being professionally photographed and generally showing off for 10 minutes, I would require instantaneous transportation back to terra firma, where I would spend the next decade bragging about my ‘moon landing’ and how brave I was during the process.


12 Is there anything you can share about yourself or your work that not many people know?

If it was left to me, all my covers would be matchstick characters dancing on a blue background. Creativity can be limited.


13 What is your favourite foreign food?

Indian. I would love to visit the country before I die. Bucket List and all that.


14 Are you, or have you ever been a terrorist?

During my younger days, I spent a few years practicing emotional terrorism. I was a late bloomer and I believe this is a tactic young people often deploy when they are trying to establish their identity and break free of the childhood years. Most of us grow out of it, but not all. I know some of my readers think I have suffered trauma due to the shadows lurking in my writing. Any darkness in my books stems directly from the emotional terrorism I have witnessed during my lifetime, and has nothing to do with physical trauma, criminal activity or assault. Cool question!


15 Have you ever accidentally called your spouse/partner by the name of a character in your latest book and if so what was his or her reaction?

Not yet, although this is exactly the sort of thing I would do as I wander around in a sort of daze much of the time. It’s not easy carrying more than one world inside our brains, and it makes writers difficult people to live with. If you and I are having lunch together and you are telling me about your week, you can bet I am sitting there considering ways to use the horrible thing that happened to you in the kitchen at work. Sorry. All writers are the same. We take your experiences and, when the coast is clear, we cannibalise them and make them our own. You may have heard very famous authors stating there is a certain savagery to the writing process and this is the reason. Nothing is sacred.



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