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Our First Five Days in Fuengirola

Our First Five Days in Fuengirola
Our First Five Days in Fuengirola

Our First Five Days in Fuengirola.

We arrived at our hotel, the Reyesol, Calle Marbella, in Fuengirola at ten past midnight on Saturday. I had been hoping for a beer when we arrived, since leaving my sister-in-law’s place in Bangkok at six a.m. the previous morning. However, I was out of luck – everything had closed between eleven thirty and midnight.

The receptionist offered to find me a tin of Coke, but I decided I would prefer sleep. My wife was dog-tired anyway, and only wanted to go to bed.

The Reyesol is comfortable, well-situated, and includes an excellent cold breakfast, after which we went flat-hunting. Last year, we had been told that the summer was the wrong time to look for accommodation, and we were told exactly the same this time, although it is January. ‘Business is three times heavier than usual!’ estate agents told us wherever we went.

Despite that, we did find one that suited us at Kasa Coast, but they refused to answer my text messages and emails confirming the deal. So, we walked up there this morning, only to be told that we could have the flat, ‘if my employer would guarantee my job’. I told them that I am a writer of novels and have no boss. They shook their heads. ‘Do you receive a pension?’, asked one of them. ‘No, too young’, I replied. ‘Can you pay a year’s rent up front?’ asked another. ‘I could, but I’m not prepared to’, I answered.

They promised to call me later, but haven’t.

On our way back to the hotel to pick up our bags, as our stay there could not be extended either, we called in to see an estate agent called George, next door to the Reyesol. He had nothing either, but he phoned around his competitors and found a hopeful. That turned into reality, and we just secured the nicest apartment I have ever been in in Spain for five hundred a month all in!

We can stay there until July when the price quadruples and then quintuples in August as the property is almost on the beach (15 metres). However, another, brand-new penthouse apartment comes free on March 1st (St. David’s Day), and we can have that for a year at four fifty a month plus bills. It is front line and on the fourteenth floor.

We can move in today too, but in a panic last night, I booked into a hotel for three nights, which I now have to honour. A small price to pay for peace of mind, I suppose, but the flat is luxurious compared to the hotel.

So, our first five days in Fuengirola started off disappointing, then became hopeful, but only to be dashed by unreasonable requirements from the estate agents and landlords, but the lovely George went that extra mile for us and got us the best deal I have ever been offered in Spain, because he was willing to take a chance on me and his friends trusted his judgement.

Hallelujah for sensible people!

If you are looking for somewhere to stay on the Costa del Sol, you can contact George here:

Jorge Salviche Luque
Mob: +34672988980
Tel: +34952637874
Calle Marbella 41, Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain.

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