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WHUK – My Webhost

WHUK - My Hosts
WHUK – My Hosts

WHUK – My Webhost

I use WHUK as my UK webhost. It is the first UK webhost company I have stuck with since I started on line in 1996 with a corporate account with I seem to remember that they were expensive, so I didn’t use them for my personal account. Instead I chose American and Indian firms until going back to the UK with WHUK a year ago. It really does matter where your host is located.

I write and sell books and my largest customer base is the UK. Therefore, my webhost and their servers need to be in the UK.

‘But why? Google will search all over the world’, you might say, and that is true, but it searches locally first. Therefore, unless someone is specifically looking for me, they might get approximations or incomplete results. British people will get all the info they need about me now, if they want it.

You still might not believe me, but I have been watching my control panel logs for decades, and I am convinced that it is true.

So, realising last year that I had to change hosts, I started looking around. I signed up for three of them consecutively, not saying with one for more than a month because their service was dire compared with what I was used to.

Then I found WHUK – the last one left, I think. Twelve months later, I would move again, if I could be sure of not jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

They are OK, but not very good. For example, I have been getting error messages every day for months that i was exceeding my bandwidth. I complained many times. Today, I complained again and a Megan gave me what my plan entitles me to ‘unmetered bandwidth’. So, why did that take three months to get?

I could give you a dozen more examples. Like, why do they automatically call a support request ‘Resolved’ after 48 hours? They have never fixed anything for me in that timespan!

When I joined, we talked about hosting plans, and they said the smallest one would suit my requirements. I had to upgrade three times in the next several months and they still want more (a virtual server a/c?).

One more thing. I don’t like it when the sales team are British and the support team are Indian or Pakistani masquerading with British names. There is an element of deception about it. Why would a pucker business want to risk its reputation by deceiving its clients?

It doesn’t make sense to me.

So, if you are pleased with your British webhost, please pass me your affiliate link.

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