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When I was young, there was a period of my life when I couldn’t wait to open a Post Office Savings Account and also buy Premium Bonds. I can’t remember how old one had to be, but let’s say fourteen for the savings account and sixteen for the Premium Bonds, the top prize for playing which every month was a million pounds.

At roughly the same time, I started buying coins for my collection from around the country and selling my duplicates too, which usually involved transferring money using Postal Orders. It made me feel independent and that made me feel ever so grown up.

At eighteen years of age, I abandoned the Post Office in favour of the bank, and postal orders for the more convenient cheque.

Well, now, forty-five years later, we seem to have come full-circle, since my bank no longer issues cheques. I had to send £65 to the Home Office last week, and I had to pay the Post Office £8.50 for the expensive privilege!

£8.50 to send £65 within the country!

Daylight Robbery

That is not only 13%, it is daylight robbery and a kick in the teeth to all the people who use this crappy ‘service’. They get my money for three or four days, and I give them 13% for the privilege! Is the dreaded and very expensive, Western Union cheaper?

It really wouldn’t surprise me.

However, the nightmare doesn’t end there. I had to send irreplaceable documents, which the counter staff cheerfully told me are not covered by their normal insurance, and so had to pay £11.50 postage and insurance.

At least this was a reduction. The first time I sent exactly the same package, they charged me £18.50!

You couldn’t make it up, could you, but I think the Post Office is… as they go along!

There has to be a better way, and, for me at least, the Post Office will be my last option next time, not the first port of call.

Stuff ’em – they don’t care about us!

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